Things to Consider

Now that you have selected your surface, have you taken into account the final details?

This guide aims to assist you in achieving a functional end product that is also visually appealing.


Whether you have chosen a contemporary or traditional kitchen design, it is important to consider the edging profile of your worktop to ensure it complements the overall finished look. Below, we present you with several options to choose from.


Drainer grooves serve the purpose of preventing water from spreading over your worktop, directing it back into the sink and minimizing the risk of limescale buildup on your surfaces. They can be positioned on either the left or right side of the worktop. Here are a few examples of different drainer groove options available.


Have you considered the wall options to complement your newly installed worktops? While tiles and glass splashbacks are commonly chosen, for a truly impressive finish, you can opt for a continuation of your worktop material on the wall, creating a seamless and visually stunning look.

kitchen worktops Statuario Vegle Fitted
kitchen worktops Ibiza Fitted


Typically measuring 100mm in height, upstands play a crucial role in creating a smooth transition from the worktop to the wall. They not only enhance the visual flow but also serve as a practical solution to protect the walls from splashes and spills.


Upstands are usually 100mm high, this helps create a nice flow from the worktop to the
wall, more importantly they help protect walls from splashes. You can either paint, tile or
add a glass splash back above.

kitchen worktops Leros Fitted
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